Tailored training tracks for healthy home careers

The HHA curriculum was developed with a keen eye toward industry demand. Based on that criteria, we’ve developed training programs for four distinct career tracks. Each track builds on a shared foundation of six core courses to ensure that each HHA student has the fundamentals necessary to understand and navigate a healthy home career. From there, each track provides the specialized class and field work necessary for graduates to find work—and make meaningful contributions from their first day forward.

Home Performance (HP) Career Track

This in-depth track was developed to teach the basics of building science – and the skills and techniques necessary to improve the comfort, energy efficiency, and air quality of existing homes. Scheduled over the course of six weeks, this track is comprised of 44 class sessions from start to finish.

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Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Career Track

This track is designed to teach the basics of building science, with in-depth emphasis on environmentally friendly heat pump technology. Students will gain the practical, workable knowledge necessary to size, install, service, and maintain heat pump equipment. This track involves complex technology, and requires seven weeks, with 30 in-depth class and field training sessions.

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Heat Pump and HVAC Sales Career Track

Without deep, practical knowledge of the techniques and technologies of healthy home building and renovation, the task of selling those services is an uphill battle. That’s why The Academy’s HP and HVAC Sales track augments sales technique, energy modeling, and sales psychology instruction with the foundational knowledge necessary to understand and meet prospective customers’ needs.…

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Home Performance Administration Career Track

For students seeking an introduction to environment-friendly, energy efficient new construction and renovation, our Administration track provides a firm foundation in climate change, building science, and tactics and strategies for reducing global warming.

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